Posts and articles about writing from those who actually know: Buckell, Diaz and Scalzi

These are some of my favourite posts on writing and publishing.

Anything by Tobias Buckell is good reading. He recently launched a page for his blog posts on writing, and his Best of Site list has such gems as Survey results: how many novels did you write before selling one?; A response about writing characters of different racial backgrounds; and How I write a novel.

Junot Diaz talks about Becoming a Writer. It took him ten years to produce the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.

John Scalzi backs up Buckell’s research and adds a bit more info in the post Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old, or, Hey, Publishing is Slow.

In other news, The Book Depository joins my list of online bookstores where you can buy Redemption in Indigo.