Of Water and Rock

Thomas Armstrong won second prize at the Frank Collymore Awards for 2008 with the novel Of Water and Rock, and it will be published this year! The Toronto book launch is on June 13th, and there will be a Barbados book launch in September.

Here’s a snippet about the author and his book:

Thomas Armstrong visited Barbados for the first time in 1979 and fell in love with more than the island. He married a Barbadian. From the very first the island and its people impressed upon him a sense of time and place that was both wondrous and sad. A short story, Flying in God’s Face, since published in POUI, the literary journal of Cave Hill, University of the West Indies, was originally written for a reunion of his wife’s family in 2005. Dedicated to his mother-in-law, the matriarchical head of his Barbadian family, this story was the seed from which this novel grew.