Ebook, only US$4.95!

Dear readers, please have a look at the website for Small Beer Press where you will see that the Latest Eruption of Fiction Into the Universe is Redemption in Indigo!

Amazon.com has finally removed its ‘this title has not yet been released’ tag.  I … don’t know what’s up with that shipping estimate of 1-4 months, as it contradicts the much shorter estimate a friend of mine got when they ordered it (and they’re in East Asia).

If you check out the Redemption in Indigo page here on this site, you’ll see all the main online outlets where you can get the book.  For now, the ones that appear to be ‘live’ are: Amazon.comPowell’s Books and of course, Small Beer Press.

Last but not least, for a limited time only, you can get Redemption in Indigo for an amazing discounted price as an ebook on Weightless Books!