Back home

The New York trip is over, and thanks so much to the friends, family and colleagues who made the experience both enjoyable and worthwhile!  I’ve unstuck the sticky post with the schedule, and I do plan to do some kind of synopsis post after I’ve caught up on a bit more sleep.

In the meantime, two days before I left for New York, Robert Edison Sandiford’s excellent and thorough review of Redemption in Indigo appeared in the Caribbean Review of Books.  Back then I was too pressed for time to post about it, but it’s been at the top of my list to mention to readers.  I highly recommend people read the book first, then read the review, and read the book again.  Robert reveals, with fair accuracy, the book’s Caribbean influences and cultural in-jokes.

There are also two reviews – one full, one mini – in the September issue of Locus by Gary K Wolfe and Faren Miller respectively.  It is only available in hardcopy for now, but I have learned that Faren Miller says ‘ … the offhand eloquence of her prose, quite won me over’, and Gary K Wolfe calls the book ‘wise, funny and very promising’.