Nice summary from Locus

Redemption in Indigo appears in the Locus Online feature New Books: second week September 2010.

* Lord, Karen : Redemption in Indigo
(Small Beer Press 978-1-9315-2066-9, $16, 188pp, trade paperback, June 2010)

Fantasy novel based on Caribbean and Senegalese folktales, the author’s first novel, about a powerful spirit watching over a woman who has fled her husband.
• The publisher’s site has this page of blurbs and quotes from reviews. A preview has beenposted at
• Amazon’s Omnivoracious included it among its 2010 Novels: The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year So Far?; Jeff VanderMeer wrote “I just loved this novel to death.”
• Amazon’s page for the book has starred reviews from bothPublishers Weekly and Booklist; the latter concludes, “A great deal happens in the novel’s relatively short course, but confusion is minimal because Lord has found the ideal voice for the narrator-feminine yet authoritative, amusing yet soothing, omniscient yet humble. This is one of those literary works of which it can be said that not a word should be changed.”
• Faren Miller and Gary K. Wolfe both review it in the September issue of Locus Magazine. Wolfe concludes, “There’s never a doubt we’re in the hands of a contemporary taleteller with a voice both insouciant and respectful of its sources, and it’s a voice we’d like to hear more from. Redemption in Indigo is wise, funny, and very promising.”

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