Things you should look at

Go right now to Shveta’s Livejournal where you will find I am Day One of Three Days of Fey (ooh, also on Dreamwidth). I get to ramble on about the djombi, those strange beings in Redemption in Indigo who are sometimes tricksters, sometimes guardian angels. If you ever wondered where I got them from, you’ll find out in that post. Thanks for inviting me to guest-post, Shveta!

Then go to Jeff VanderMeer’s blog where you will see that I am part of an upcoming anthology that he’s putting together with his wife, the award-winning editor Ann VanderMeer. I have written a story about the Counsellor Crow: a mundane name, an ordinary-seeming creature, but–

No. No more. I’ve said too much. You’ll have to wait until it comes out. It’s going to be illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic (more of his amazing work here). I’m really looking forward to it!