Worldbuilding according to writers

Just  a quick note to point your attention to SF Signal where various authors have written on the master worldbuilders and what they learned from them. I’ve added my two cents, and my choices will not be at all strange to anyone who knows me, though I should point out that the constraints of brevity made me simplify my post. I focused on those elements of worldbuilding that I found most striking (which is not the same as endorsing that author’s world as being the best all-round example at worldbuilding in all aspects, nor does it mean that I think it was the only thing the author was good at).

I am a bit of a nit-picker when it comes to structures and processes, and incongruities and inconsistencies will niggle at me when they undermine plot and characterisation. Having said that, making a beautiful world with poor plot and flat characters is a far less tolerable mistake.

In other news, I’ve been a bit scarce due to workload, and will continue to be so, but things are improving on the technology front. I have a new, zippy little macbook air 11, and we are getting along as if made for each other!