Shared Worlds, interviews and other cool things

Life is busy, but there are two things I must record here (I’ve already tweeted the news; a 140-character update is always faster!).

First of all, I’ve been invited to the Shared Worlds teen SF/F writing camp for 2013! I’m really looking forward to it (though it seems so far away!) Next year, Tobias Buckell will be there to carry the Caribbean flag. Do check out the full post at Jeff VanderMeer’s blog. In fact, check out the entire blog. There’s some interesting stuff there, including information on the upcoming, definitive anthology of The Weird (co-edited with his wife Ann VanderMeer) which is now at the top of my ‘must buy’ list.

I’ve done an interview with Chesya Burke over at the World SF Blog. Chesya was marvellous to talk to, and she has a book out this year, a collection of short stories titled Let’s Play White.