World Fantasy Convention

I got back home Monday evening, and have spent the past two days in a jumble of post-travel errands, research consultancy catch-up and tech wrangling (new backup drive, new software, new iPad). I tweeted the news of the award results and put a link on Facebook, but I delayed doing a blog post because I simply had too many things to say and not enough time and energy to say them.

Now I seize the opportunity to tell you in longhand, in more than 140 characters or the brief paragraphs of FaceBook, that the World Fantasy Convention was fantastic, so much so that my plans to schedule nap time were scuttled, and the dwindling duration of my actual sleep time became a mild joke. Sleeping was re-scheduled for … um … this week (and will that happen? Looks unlikely). I met several truly amazing people, in no small part due to the excellent mentorship of Ellen Klages, who encouraged me to attend the Convention in the first place. People on my twitter list came to life – human, marvellous, intelligent, enthusiastic life. There were some I knew but hadn’t seen since ICFA. Some I’d only met by phone or email, notably my agent and my editors: Sally Harding of the Cooke Agency, Betsy Mitchell of Del Rey, and Jo Fletcher of Jo Fletcher Books. Some I’d never met before, only heard of. Some I’d never even heard of. All were brilliant.

Brilliant is the word. I had conversations that will be several months food for a ruminating brain. Two were recorded: an interview/podcast with Charles Tan and a Locus podcast with Nalo Hopkinson and Karen Burnham. I’ll let you know when the links go up. They capture the atmosphere well: relaxed, amiable, filled with laughter and deep thought.

There are too many tales to tell, so I leave you with this incomplete list:

  • Twister
  • Ukelele
  • So much food
  • Playing pool
  • Buying Guinness and being asked for ID
  • Books, books, books
  • Tea
  • Tim Tams
  • Cousin
  • Cold

On that note, I look forward to Toronto WFC 2012!