This is still a blog …

… though from the slowness of my updating you wouldn’t think so. I’m not going to make any wild promises about more frequent posting in the new year until I can get this most recent batch of research work plus editing plus writing firmly under control, but it’s on my list of Things To Do Better. Until then, Twitter is where I’m most active (a short tweet is less of a guilty break from work than a blog post of any length).

Here are a couple of updates. Last week I had the honour of being a part of Lauren Beukes’s Recommended Reading Gift List Part 1, (part 2 is linked at the bottom; don’t miss it). These are some excellent recommendations for the holidays and any time of year, so go have a look and bookmark it. Today I’m showing off my Christmas black cake on Paul Cornell’s blog. Scroll right to the bottom – there it is. Black cake is my ‘thing’. I’m an average cook and I can bake simple things on occasion, but my black cake can be used to make friends, influence people and create world peace 😉 . Readers of Redemption in Indigo may even remember that I mention it in the book: ‘a festival cake that will turn the head of the most seasoned toper’.

Oh, and for those who might not know (all … what … two of you?) Lauren Beukes is a South African writer and one of this year’s World Fantasy nominees (she’s won some other awards too – go check out her work!), and Paul Cornell writes for Doctor Who, notably two of my favourite episodes, the Hugo-nominated  ‘Human Nature’ and ‘The Family of Blood’.