Caribbean Speculative Literature

Today I was immensely flattered to find myself quoted in Spanish and in French:

Podríamos citar las palabras del escritor barbadense Karen Lord al describir “el Caribe (como) una hermosa paradoja; insular y cosmopolita, antigua y moderna, radical y conservadora, hospitalaria e implacable”

Nous pourrions reprendre les termes de l’écrivain Bajan Karen Lord pour décrire « la Caraïbe [comme] un magnifique paradoxe : insulaire et cosmopolite, ancienne et moderne, radicale et conservatrice, accommodante et refusant le pardon »

It’s not just being quoted; it’s being quoted in other languages that I find particularly cool!

I went back to the original article by Robert Edison Sandiford, and what I said was in response to a very good question, a question that I’ve been asked a few times since:

What does Caribbean speculative fiction offer in terms of content, theme, feeling, and intellectual enquiry that, maybe, other forms of it in the United States, the UK or elsewhere don’t?

Location, language, worldview. It won’t be set in the same places, it won’t be told in the same voice, and it won’t seek the same outcomes. The Caribbean is a beautiful paradox: insular and cosmopolitan, ancient and modern, radical and conservative, accommodating and unforgiving.

Remember that when you read my work!