A New Arrival

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that a lot is happening very soon. For example, the UK edition of The Best of All Possible Worlds will be out 31 January, and I will be running a competition giving away copies of that book, Redemption in Indigo, and other Jo Fletcher Books titles. But I’m going to talk about that later this week, not today. Today concerns a new arrival to my bookcase:


That lovely etched crystal piece is the Carl Brandon Parallax Award. I’ve crowded it together with the other bookcase dwellers for the photo. On the left we have the Frank Collymore Award (The Best of All Possible Worlds), the Aslan (also known as the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award) in the foreground, the Crawford Award plaque in the background and my first ever writing award, the Frank Collymore Award for Redemption in Indigo.

And just because, here is another photo of the Parallax looking pretty in front of my fav decorative blue bottles:


Huge thanks to the Carl Brandon Society!