SF Crossing the Gulf, Episode 16b

The second half of Episode 16 is now up on SF Signal:

Episode 16b: The Rediscovery of Man, by Cordwainer Smith

In it we discuss two more stories – ‘Alpha Ralpha Boulevard’ (1961) and ‘On the Gem Planet’ (1963), finding ever-greater depth and complexity in the historical arc of Smith’s universe.

SF Crossing the Gulf, Episode 16a

We discussed the short fiction of Cordwainer Smith in our latest episode of SF Crossing the Gulf, and there was so much to say that we had to break it into two parts. So here is part a:

Episode 16a: The Rediscovery of Man, by Cordwainer Smith

We cover two short stories, ‘Scanners Live in Vain’ and ‘The Lady Who Sailed the Soul’. It was a very enjoyable discussion. Smith’s short fiction has lots of complexity and really lends itself to both literary and genre analysis. This is another example of an author whose work has aged well.