Some new links and a reminder

First the reminder. My last book giveaway continues at this post. Go comment to enter!

Apologies for not giving some of these links sooner. I’ve been busy and now I’m both busy and fighting a cold/fever. There are new guest posts, and interview, and a mini review:

Next week I’m travelling to the Adelaide Writers’ Week in Australia. I will post a selected itinerary over the next few days. Unfortunately, I will be travelling at the time that the Kitschies are being awarded, and I have no guarantee of wifi in airports or on planes. Expect intermittent twitter and blog-silence next week and the week after.

Excerpts, Interviews, reviews and guest posts

I was too busy to post about it, but yes, on 12 February the US edition (Del Rey) of The Best of All Possible Worlds was released. The audiobook was also released on that day by Today, the Spanish edition is out from RBA Literatura Fantástica. I have updated my sidebar links accordingly, so go browse!

I have also updated my page for The Best of All Possible Worlds. It now contains links to additional excerpts and an exclusive short story, my guest post at The Huffington Post, and three more reviews and a mention.

Go have a look; there’s plenty to read!

Crossing the Gulf, Mind Meld and Audio Rights

The first shall be last and the last shall be first. Way back in August, Ron Eckel, my representative at Cooke International, sold audio rights for The Best of All Possible Worlds to Audible.

Today, I contributed to the Mind Meld at SF Signal on the topic of what SF texts should appear on a secondary school English Literature syllabus.

And finally, Episode 6 of SF Crossing the Gulf is up.  Karen and I discuss The Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell, and we get fairly giddy with all the lovely, complex, layered literary goodness the book has to offer.

Podcast with Nalo Hopkinson and Karen Burnham

This is the second promised podcast! I chatted with Nalo Hopkinson and Karen Burnham while in San Diego, and it was fantastic. I caught myself listening to it all over again in the wee hours of the night. Do go check it out. Nalo’s brilliant, in case you didn’t know.

Nalo Hopkinson and Karen Lord in Conversation

Podcast with Charles Tan

So here‘s the first of the podcasts I promised you. Charles Tan, blogger, nominee for the World Fantasy Special Award (Non-Professional) 2011, intelligent critic and reviewer of speculative fiction, allowed me to babble on. And I warn you, I do babble. But there may be a few gems amid the dross. Go check it out.

Global Women in SF. An important discussion.

Lavie Tidhar invited me to participate in a roundtable discussion with Aliette de Bodard (France), Joyce Chng (Singapore), Csilla Kleinheincz (Hungary), Kate Elliott (US), and Ekaterina Sedia (Russia/US).

The result is here: (Global) Women in Science Fiction Round Table. I think it’s a very important addition to the discussion about women writers in SF, not only because gender issues vary widely across the globe (and therefore SF may not be seen as a boy’s game in some cultures), but also because for some of us being a foreign writer is as much (or more) of an obstacle to being published in SF as being a woman writer. Please go read and comment.