SF Crossing the Gulf Episode 5: Greg Egan

The fifth episode of our podcast is up! Karen Burnham and I wrap up the discussion of Greg Egan’s short stories which we started in episode three. Karen demonstrates her impressive knowledge of Egan’s works and worlds and saves me from making uninformed judgements.

The next episode will be about The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell. As always, discussion will be spoilery, so please do buy or borrow it and be ready in a fortnight’s time. The book is well worth the effort for both genre and literary readers.

Interviews and conversations at Locus

I’ve been terrible at updating here over the past week, for which I beg you to accept my sincerest apologies. There are two new things to mention:

1) an amazingly fun podcast I did with Karen Burnham for Locus which, I warn you, is basically two physics geeks chattering on about speculative fiction and occasionally going ‘Ooh!’ and ‘Cool!’; and

2) some online excerpts from my interview ‘Dual Reality’ which is in the August issue of Locus Magazine.

I really enjoyed the podcast and encourage you to go listen to it. The interview excerpts may seem a little disjointed, but that’s because they’re only there to encourage you to buy the magazine for the whole thing 😉