Old news recap

I’ve been working hard on some projects and thus only updated where I could be brief – twitter, Facebook and a couple of times even tumblr. But now I have a little time, so I’d like to recap some of the old good news.

I didn’t make a final post for my Carolinas trip, but there was not much more to tell. I had a fantastic time at Orange County Library and Chapel Hill Library with audiences that were far more mainstream/literary than SF, but very attentive and appreciative of my work. I also did a reading at Flyleaf Books. Very enjoyable – smaller audience, but the questions were still of a high calibre.

People who follow me on twitter would have seen that I came home and quickly went into AnimeKon Expo, our Bajan SF convention. Tobias Buckell was back, Robert Edison Sandiford had a new book out, and we had a bit of a Three Musketeers thing going where we had a panel together, kept our book tables side by side, and even managed a field trip for some story research. This was so soon after the Carolinas trip that it was hard for me to be at 100 per cent. I wish I’d had more energy and preparation time to get full benefit from the event, but I’m fairly happy with what I was able to do, and it’s always hugely inspiring to hang out with Tobias and Robert and talk Caribbean SF.

I’ve been invited to be Guest of Honour for the 2014 Åcon SF convention in Finland (SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA). Details to follow in due course!

I celebrated the release of Jeff VanderMeer’s amazing writing guide Wonderbook on twitter, tumblr and Facebook. I’m extremely proud to be one of the contributors; you can find my essay on page 27 (here’s a teaser). There’s so much beauty and inspiration in that book that you’ll never get bored.

I was surprised and very pleased to find that The Best of All Possible Worlds made it to the semifinal round of the Goodreads Choice Awards Best Sci-fi category as a write-in-vote with reader support. Thank you so much to all those who voted!

Finally, I was absolutely thrilled that RT Reviews nominated The Best of All Possible Worlds for both Best Science Fiction and Book of the Year. The awards ceremony takes place at their annual convention, which is being held in New Orleans next year! Tempting! Very tempting!

Shared Worlds, interviews and other cool things

Life is busy, but there are two things I must record here (I’ve already tweeted the news; a 140-character update is always faster!).

First of all, I’ve been invited to the Shared Worlds teen SF/F writing camp for 2013! I’m really looking forward to it (though it seems so far away!) Next year, Tobias Buckell will be there to carry the Caribbean flag. Do check out the full post at Jeff VanderMeer’s blog. In fact, check out the entire blog. There’s some interesting stuff there, including information on the upcoming, definitive anthology of The Weird (co-edited with his wife Ann VanderMeer) which is now at the top of my ‘must buy’ list.

I’ve done an interview with Chesya Burke over at the World SF Blog. Chesya was marvellous to talk to, and she has a book out this year, a collection of short stories titled Let’s Play White.

AnimeKon Expo 2011

Tobias Buckell came to Barbados to attend AnimeKon Expo as guest of honour. I had a great time playing tourist for a day with him and his wife. There was so little time for sightseeing, though. They’re going to have to come back for a longer stay!

AnimeKon was fantastic. Our panel on fantasy writing and worldbuilding with Robert Edison Sandiford went really well, and we had great conversations with readers and budding writers. Tobias’s books were hugely popular – they sold out! But don’t take my word for it. Tobias has a detailed post here, with photos and video, that really captures the experience.

Make plans for AnimeKon Expo 2012!